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bully 广东女中学生被威胁脱光衣服 霸凌-#[美]((校园暴力 学生妹 威胁脱衣

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FunkyPhantom - 386 days ago
This is a great forced school girl to strip video... there is a MUCH clearer version of it though. If I can find it, I'll upload to my electrofan1.ru page.
Luvmenow33 - 500 days ago
Wow. This shit happened alot in China.
It seem like a large age range too.
I've seen middle school bully gangs and it seems like some are as old as 20s.
I thought they were paying back someone who messed with them at first but it really just seems like they pick on the weak kids with no friends. Bullying is part of growing up IMO but the stripping and taking there clothes is nuts and I've seen some serious 7 on 1 beatings with kicks to the head and all. And you NEVER See any adults intervene. Crazy! They are a wacky people. They cut holes in the kids pants and the kids just squat wherever and shit in the streets. They have to tell tourists from China they can't do that in other countries but they don't care and still do. There R pics of chinamen shitting everywhere. Even right inside the airport
bookhook - 521 days ago
This video has it all
MrJones - 1959 days ago
Oldie but goldie ))