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Garden hose shoved down throat

433 days ago, 182207 views

She agreed to this, i hope ìts worth the $100

Tags: Fetish, Torture, water
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xxxtechxxx - 5 days ago
Yes, there's a full video, and this one is completely fucked. They lure her in for a modeling shoot and then some guys and girls come in and torture her for hours. They drown her in the pool, then when she wakes up they tell her she's done and to go wash up, then they shove her head in the tub and drag her out to torture her some more. There's hardly even anything sexual, it's basically just a snuff video.
DTFAUK - 426 days ago
Westwood73 - 430 days ago
I think it's from a Bakky video and if it is she didn't agree to this lol
YujiroHanma - 431 days ago
Is there any full of this ??
pigrace - 431 days ago
nopenopenothank - 431 days ago
amazing, where is this from