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577 days ago, 3459164 views

Girl drunk party

Tags: Teen, Drunk
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Suckamadik - 76 days ago
Been almost 2 years
Somebody please share full version
ZaniEuroCp321 - 192 days ago
xseebrahh - 194 days ago
full video??
Aintnowaybruh - 205 days ago
need more
Cumbuckets088 - 208 days ago
Not ugly, not hot, small tits, no real ass to speak of but hell...if you haven't fucked in a few days you might as well. At least she's not fat. Cum where you please as well.
Cryyybabee - 242 days ago
She's asking for it lol
Aintnowaybruh - 257 days ago
need more please
CARTOON - 531 days ago
usr123 - 546 days ago
Watching this makes me feel so lonely. I wish I had a cute girlfriend... I rewatched it countless times by now.
This is what I could make out:
Her: Lift me up, Alsa.
Him: Anya, can you stand up?
Her: I can.
Her: Maybe I [???]
Him: Why?
Her: [???] (i dont know russian)
Him: Can you stand up? Stand up.
Him: Can you/we even go home like this?
Her: Nyet.

(i only know a bit of russian so its not accurate)
Im guessing they are in a friend's house, probably after a party, as you can hear a vacuum cleaner in the background and him saying 'can we go home?'.
AresWithHorns - 559 days ago
Man saw a chance and took it